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RMT Reps in TfL No.1's area, 2012

Senior Industrial Representatives
Maria Taylor (TICC, Pier Walk)
Karen Fay (TICC, Pier Walk)
Andre Ashman (Oyster, Pier Walk)
Steve Poole (TIC, Liverpool Street)

Local Industrial elected Reps
Paul Rutland (RNC, Kings Building)
William Childs (CSEP, Buckingham Palace Road)

TfL Health & Safety
Karen Fay (senior rep) (TICC, Pier Walk)
Peter Wicks (TIC, Liverpool Street)
Sarah Hicks (LTM, Covent Garden)
Paul Rutland (RNC, Kings Building)

TfL Union Learning Reps
Joanne Parry (lead rep) (H&S, Palestra)
Maria Taylor (TICC, Pier Walk)
Abraham Trujillo (TIC’s, Liverpool Street)