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RMT to ballot LU fleet over breakdown in industrial relations

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Tube union RMT said today that due to a complete breakdown in industrial relations for fleet grades on London Underground the union’s executive has decided to conduct a ballot of all LU fleet members for strike action and industrial action short of a strike.

Fleet Workers Fight Tube Bosses' Plan To Cut Train Maintenance And Jobs

Stratford Market Depot

We note the resolution from our LU Fleet branch, and share its disgust at London Underground Ltd management’s attacks on the jobs and working conditions of our fleet maintenance members.

RMT Support For Clara Osagiede Continues

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We note the report from our Regional Organiser, and understand that there have been further developments since this was submitted. We instruct the General Secretary to obtain and place in front of us an up-to-date report.

London Transport Regional Council, LU Fleet branch, and London Underground cleaners’ representatives to be advised.

Tube Lines Reps Win Increased Time For Pension Dispute Discussions


We note the correspondence from LUL. While we are disappointed that the company has not agreed to our request for better representation at the working party, we note that it has agreed to release all our company council reps for a feedback meeting the day after the first working party meeting, and understand that this will happen after every working party meeting.

LUL Refusal To Work On The Grounds Of Health And Safety Document

Attached is LUL's 'Refusal To Work On The Grounds Of Health And Safety' Document

You may find it useful to read, should you be concerned about carrying out a job or particular task, and want to know the procedure for refusing to work on safety grounds.

RMT London Calling Newsletter September 2013


In this months newsletter:

  • We Will Unite & Fight to Stop Job Cuts
  • Why Can’t LU Keep Ticket Offices Open?
  • RMT Taxi Branch Resists Attempts to Loosen Rules on “Plying for Hire”
  • RMT will Demand Payment for all Staff Working on Boxing Day
  • Tube Lines Pension Dispute
  • Bombardier Pay And Conditions Talks Continue
  • RMT Push For Increased Representation at TfL
  • RMT will Demand Payment for all Staff Working on Boxing Day
  • Back Dated Pay Rises For Cleaners & Security Workers Still Short Of London Living Wage
  • STOP PRESS: CLEANERS VOTE OVERWHELMINGLY to refuse to use fingerprint scanners to book on for Duty

This article and the attached newsletter was updated on the 22nd of September to remove an outdated story about a member facing disciplinary

Tube Lines Joint Working Party


We note the report from our lead officer, summarising the views expressed at our representatives’ meeting on 23 August. Accordingly, we instruct the General Secretary to advise the employer that:

  1. trade union representation on the Joint Working Party should be proportional to the membership of the trade unions; that RMT’s delegation should include all our Company Council members; and that all members of the JWP should be either Tube Lines employees or full-time officers;

Alstom Workers Accept 3% No Strings 2013 Pay Deal

Stratford Market Depot

Further to our decision Gww 9 July 2013, seeking an improvement on the previous offer of 2.75%, we note the new offer from Alstom of 3% effective from 1 April 2013 with no strings attached. We further note the report from the Regional Organiser, that our representative and members wish to accept this offer without delay.

Accordingly, we instruct the General Secretary to advise the company of our acceptance, and to send a personal letter to all members involved.

LU Fleet branch and London Transport Regional Council to be advised.

Alstom Pay Deal

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That we note the latest pay offer from Alstom, of 2.75% effective from 1 April 2013 and some changes in travel facilities. We instruct the Regional Organiser to seek improvements to this offer.

Reports and developments to be placed in front of us.LU Fleet branch and London Transport Regional Council to be advised.

Ballot For Industrial Action in Response To Depot Closure


We note the correspondence from London Underground Ltd dated 8 July 2013. We instruct the General Secretary to reply, explaining that the letter of 28 June does not provide us with the clarity and assurances that we seek. Accordingly, and in line with our previous decision Gww 2 July 2013, we instruct the General Secretary to proceed immediately with a ballot for strikes and action short of strikes, to a timescale to be agreed with our LU Engineering branch. A personal letter is to be sent to all members strongly urging them to vote Yes to both questions.

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