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London Fire Brigades Union Backs Striking Tube Lines Workers


London Fire Brigades Union is backing Tube Lines workers starting a 72-hour strike from 4pm this afternoon. The tube workers want access to the Transport for London pension scheme.

Ian Leahair, FBU Executive Council member for London said: “We’re throwing our support behind the Tube Lines workers taking strike action to secure access to the TfL pension scheme. A decent occupational pension is essential for workers to ensure they are not living in poverty in retirement.

PPP 2.0

On Eve Of Tube Lines strike RMT warns of secret plan to reprivatise tube maintenance and unleash nightmare repeat of Public Private Partnership

With Tube Lines staff, including the Emergency Response Unit, geared up to strike for 72 hours from 4pm today in a dispute over pensions and benefits equality with other underground staff, tube union RMT warned that the failure of tube bosses to agree a simple harmonisation of the most basic employment conditions could be linked to a secret plan to reprivatise the maintenance work unleashing the nightmare of PPP2.

Bob Crow Writes To London Underground Director Of Safety To Set Out RMT Concerns For Tube Safety During Tube Lines Strike

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow has written to LUL Director of Safety Mike Strzelecki about RMT safety concerns

Concern As Tube Lines Workers Medical Cover Is Transferred To New Provider With No Consultation With RMT

We note the correspondence from our lead officer, and share his alarm that Tube Lines has notified members that it to change its occupational health provider from Aviva to Capita without any consultation with this union, and has written to members asking them to sign release forms for their medical information to be transferred to Capita.

Safety Concerns For Tube Operation During Tube Lines Three Day Strike

From RMT General Secretary Bob Crow

Members of the RMT employed at Tube Lines are due to take part in strike action, the period of the strike will be from 16.00 hours on 24th April until 16.00 hours on 27th April.

Should you, as an individual, feel that as part of your duties you are placing yourself in serious or imminent danger during the dispute you should comply with your company’s policy as required by the MHSW.

Attached to this circular is a pro-forma should you wish to record your concerns in writing to your management.

RMT Raises Serious Safety Issues Over Tube Lines Strike

TUBE UNION RMT today wrote to TFL chiefs demanding safety assurances during the Tube Lines strike action next week after bosses issued statements saying that they will continue to try and run services regardless of whether essential maintenance and repairs work is being carried out and regardless of the fact that the safety-critical Emergency Response Unit will be joining the strike action.

In The Press: Tube Maintenance Workers To Strike For Three Days

There has been widespread coverage in the media, following RMT Tube Lines members strong call for strike action to fight for pensions parity with their colleagues across LUL.

Why RMT Will Not Sell Our Framework Agreements

  • What is RMT calling for?

  • What are Framework Agreements?
  • Why are Framework Agreements important?
  • So why does LU want to change our Framework Agreements or encourage us to break them?

    Read more to find out the answers to these and several other questions.

  • Tube Lines Strikes To Begin On April 24th

    The Tube Lines ballot has had an excellent result with 80% of those taking part voting yes to strike action to fight for equal passes and pensions.

    RMT Have Rejected LUL's 'Ludicrous' Olympic Offer

    The RMT describes London Undergrounds latest Olympic offer as ludicrous as it expects us to co-operate in the implementation of 'agreements' we are not a party to.

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