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LUL Engineering Branch New Website


The RMT Engineering Branch has launched a website and Facebook Page.

The new site will have all the latest news for branch members, as well as details about the branch and a mailing list that you can sign up for.


Alstom Pay Ballot Result

Stratford Market Depot

Further to previous correspondence regarding the above, the ballot has now concluded and the result is as follows:-

Are you prepared to take strike action?

Total Votes Cast 28
Number Voting ‘Yes’ 17
Number Voting ‘No’ 9
Spoilt Papers 2

Are you prepared to take industrial action short of a strike?

Total Votes Cast 28
Number Voting ‘Yes’ 27
Number Voting ‘No’ 1
Spoilt Papers 0

Tube Lines 'Rest Day' Dispute resolved

Stratford Market Depot

I am pleased to advise branches that following further discussions with the company, the GGC has accepted the latest proposal from Tube Lines to resolve this dispute. The details of the agreement are below: -

  • All staff will be rostered to work a 35 hour week consisting of 5 consecutive shifts (either Sunday – Thursday or Monday to Friday) with 2 consecutive day off.
  • The 10 days on 4 off roster will be removed from the Contract of Employment.
  • Annual Leave days will be 37 days per annum.

Power Control Strike - Safety Information

  • LUL document reveals power control strike could lead to line suspensions
  • Attached below is LUL 'change assurance plan' and information which can be displayed in depots and other relevant workplaces.

As you may be aware our power control room members are currently taking industrial action. This action started at 20.00hrs on July 1st and is scheduled to run until the 20.00hrs on July 15th.

The Train’s Safety Council met with management prior to earlier planned action by these workers to discuss how this would impact on the safety of drivers.

Tube Lines Members take Action To Defend Work-life Balance


I write to advise you that your General Grades Committee has considered the ballot result and has decided to call members to take industrial action over the company’s disgraceful withdrawal of your rest days. We believe it is totally unacceptable for the company to deny you properly rostered quality time off away from work.

With effect from 00.01 hours Tuesday 8th July 2014, until further notice you are instructed:

  • To comply with Health and Safety requirements and take your official meal breaks whilst on duty.

14 Day Tube Power Strike Called




Further to my recent letter, you will be well aware that talks have failed to reach agreement with the company. Last week I informed you of the initial strike called to begin from 1st July 2014 and this instruction has now been extended. To confirm, the union’s strike instruction is now as follows: -

Members are instructed no to book on for any shifts between:-

• 20:00 hours on Tuesday 1st July 2014 and 19:59 hours on Tuesday 15th July 2014.

Fleet Members Balloted To Defend Brother McKoy

Stratford Market Depot

London Underground were today notified that we are in dispute and all LUL Fleet members will be balloted for industrial action over the appalling treatment of LU Fleet member Brother Ainsley McKoy.

Brother McKoy has had disciplinary action instigated against him by a COO manager outside their sphere of influence, without any involvement or input from Fleet management. We believe this has serious implications across the whole of Fleet and in particular Call Point Train Maintainers where a manager in another function can feel at liberty to discipline a Fleet member.

Jubilee Line Strike Ballot Called


RMT members working for Tube Lines in the Permanent Way Department (track) on the Jubilee Line are being balloted for both strike action and action short of a strike from today in a dispute over the withdrawal of rest days, the union confirmed this morning.

The dispute, which has massive implications for the Jubilee Line services, is over an all-out attack by the management on properly rostered and agreed time off away from work. The removal of rest days would wreck the work/life balance of staff and effectively leave them at the beck and call of their managers.

Tube Lines Members Balloted In Rest Day Dispute



We have entered into dispute with Tube Lines after they took away the rest days of our Jubilee Line Permanent Way members. We believe it is totally unacceptable to remove our members’ right to proper rostered agreed quality time off away from work. The union has therefore entered into dispute with the company and ballot papers will be sent to members later this week with a closing date of Thursday 19th June 2014.

Fleet Industrial Action ballot Follows Mistreatment of Brother McKoy


A resolution was received from our LU Fleet Branch to advise how their members are appalled at the treatment of Brother Ainsley McKoy by COO Operations management. This follows a COO Manager instigating disciplinary action against a Fleet member outside their sphere of influence, without any involvement by COO Fleet Management in the process. We believe this has serious implications across the whole of fleet and our Call Point Train Maintainers where any manager can discipline one of our members and bypass the whole COO Fleet process. This sets a very dangerous precedent.

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