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Dispute materials

Leaflets, posters, newsletters and other materials for use in RMT's industrial disputes

Letter of support for Unite bus strike

Central Line East branch has written the attached letter to Unite in support of their campaign of industrial action on London buses.

Piccadilly Depot News - Strike Special


Piccadilly News is the newsletter for drivers at Arnos Grove, Acton Town and Northfileds.

In this edition:

  • Rock solid again
  • Arnos Grove depot - best supported strike at Arnos Grove ever
  • Acton Town and Northfields - There was a tremendous show of support from all but a few
  • Once again, RMT station staff responded magnificently tothe strike call
  • Attack on pensions

Latest edition of RMT Platform


Read the latest edition of rmtplatform
Unions force management to reveal extent of cuts plans affecting every grade. LU isn’t budging yet....
Get ready to strike again!
Talks give us 5 reasons to keep fighting
-Huge scale displacements
-Lower grades disadvantaged
-more work. less customer service
- fewer front line staff

please download, print and display in your workplace

Tube Job Cuts Talks Report Reveals 1800 Job Cut Threat

  • Update as current talks reach conclusion
  • 1800 front line jobs threatened
  • LU is demanding cuts in operational pay rates while suggesting that a salary four times that of the Prime Minister is not enough for a senior manager.
  • Disastrous reforms which nobody besides senior management either need or want

Please print and distribute the newsletter below, from which this text is taken

Be Prepared To Strike


Dear RMT reps/activists

Please see attached some new flyers for distribution to London Underground members. The purpose of these is to ensure that members know that we will probably need to strike again and that they are ready for this; that non-members are encouraged to join and be part of the fight; and to step up pressure on LUL management.

Printed copies will be available at the Regional Council Executive meeting next Tuesday and after that from Unity House.

Every job matters - next steps

empty chair debate cartoon.jpg

Fantastic support from all our members

A magnificent effort by all RMT members in supporting the action over the last 2 days
Despite the lies and half-truths pedalled by LUL management and the anti -trade union media we have shown that with solidarity and unity our stance is absolutely the right one.
We stood firm and had a massive impact on services.
Mike Brown lied on BBC news when he said the RMT had not turned up for talks at ACAS with LUL in the lead up to the strikes. He suggested he was talking to an empty chair

RMT Leaflet to passengers for use on Picket Lines

Download this leaflet, which has been produced in black and white for local copying.

Many areas will have the "Hands off London transport" public leaflets which should also be used. However, the HOLT leaflet is a general one and does not mention our strike action.

Public support cannot win our dispute alone but our strikes will put more pressure on Boris and our employer if the public understand the real issues and support us.

Please take the leaflets to your picket lines.

Effective Picketing


Attached is an updated useful guide for picketing - please download and share


  • Choose in advance the best place(s) to picket. This should be where you will get best access to people arriving for work so you can persuade them not to go in. Try to cover all entrances.
  • In addition, you may choose to picket a location such as a busy station, where you can leaflet and speak to the public too.
  • Get members to volunteer to picket and to commit to a particular time slot.

RMT London Transport Dispute Bulletin

RMT LT Dispute News.png

The latest Every Job Matters dispute bulletin has been completed. In this edition:


  • EVERY JOB MATTERS - Despite the concerted ef orts of TfL bosses to persuade members to vote against strike action our members voted overwhelmingly to take action to defend our jobs and services.
  • What our supporters say...
  • Every Job Matters Trains Action Report

    drivers dispute action report 1.png

    Attached is a newsletter for drivers regarding the upcoming industrial action over the devastating cuts plan. Please print and distribute

    A special newsletter has been created for train operators about our current dispute, and why London Undergrounds devastating job cuts plan must be stopped.

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