Transport for London, TfL no.1 branch

RMT Members Agree All Workers Under TfL Umbrella Should Be Admitted To Superior TfL Pension Scheme


We note the report, which clearly illustrates the benefits of membership of the TfL Pension Fund as opposed to inferior, defined-contribution pension schemes that have been established by many employers operating under contract or franchise from TfL.

We note that:

  • Many companies now offer pension schemes that are significantly inferior to the TfL Fund.
  • Many of the workers concerned - eg. cleaners, canteen staff - would have worked for TfL (or its
    predecessor, London Transport) had they been employed prior to contracting-out, so would have been
    members of the TfL Fund.

RMT London Taxi Driver Branch Sets Out Demands On Law Commission Review


We note the interim statement from the Law Commission on its consideration of taxi and private hire

We welcome the indication that the Commission will recommend retaining the distinction between taxis and
private hire vehicles (PHVs). We are concerned, however, that the replacement of the concept of ‘plying for hire’ with the concept of ‘pre-booking’ may dilute this distinction and allow private hire vehicles to encroach on taxi drivers’ work. (paragraph 5)

Justice For The 33 Campaign Goes To TFL Head Office

j33 wemb demo

TUBE UNION RMT said today that staff sacked from London Underground’s “Trainpeople” agency contract will be stepping up their fight for jobs and justice following the termination of the deal which has dumped 33 staff on the dole, making a mockery of regulations which were supposed to protect the employment rights of agency staff.

The staff will be taking their fight to Transport for London with a protest in support of “Justice for the 33”at the HQ building Windsor House, Victoria Street on Monday 15th April 2013 between 0800 hours and 1000 hours.

Protection For Occupational Health Staff

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We note the correspondence from Transport for London, refusing our request for an independent review of the situation at Occupational Health. We instruct the General Secretary to ensure that this matter is pursued fully through the machinery of negotiation and should this prove fruitless, to refer it to ACAS.

London Transport Regional Council and branches to be advised.

RMT Protest Against Staff Cuts At London Transport Museum

London Transport Museum

We note the report from our Regional Organiser and the documentation on file.

This union completely rejects the proposal to reduce staffing at the London Transport Museum by six full-time-equivalent posts. We reiterate our opposition to all moves to cut jobs at this essential cultural and historical asset, whether the employer intends to achieve this through compulsory redundancy, voluntary severance or any other method.

Jobs On The Line At London Transport Museum - Can You Help?

London Transport Museum

Staff at the London transport Museum are fighting the loss of up to 9 posts at London Transport Museum. These figures were discovered by reps when presented as a part of a business case. This is an insult to those at risk of loosing their livelihood.

We are planning a raft of demos, lobbies and leafletting....can you help?

London Transport Museum - Stop the staff cuts!
17.00 - 18.30 Monday 25 March,
London Transport Museum, Covent Garden Piazza

TfL Board - Have a heart - give back the grant. Stop the staff cuts!

MATS Newsletter March 2013

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Admin CDI note taking

We understand that management are trying to use the word ‘flexibility’ within your contract to get around the volunteering for this role. We believe this is not acceptable and we will take legal advice on this. The issue has been raised among the RMT senior reps and they are aware of our position in which as we have said before we do not recommend anyone volunteers to undertake this role.

Motions Passed At London Transport Regional Council March '13

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These motions were passed at the LTRC in march 2013.

Thermal wear - Finsbury Park branch
"This region notes that London Underground’s uniform issue to front-line staff is not fit for purpose. Staff are issued with almost the same uniform, no matter what the weather conditions
are, all year round.

Rail Union RMT Calls On London Mayor Boris Johnson To Support Campaign For Crossrail Fleet To Be Built In Britain


RAIL UNION RMT today challenged London Mayor Boris Johnson to come out and publicly support a union-led campaign for the Crossrail fleet to be built in Britain or risk the kind of delays that have dogged plans to build the Thameslink trains in Germany, a scandal which has dragged back the national fleet replacement programme by three years.

Last week, TFL and the DFT confirmed that the Crossrail fleet will be wholly procured by the cheaper and more efficient route of public financing, an open recognition that the public/private finance model is unable to deliver on time and on price.

MATS Newsletter: Admin CDI Note Taking


A lot of the admin on London Underground are being asked to take notes at Company Disciplinary Interviews. We have been informed by the MATS reps that this is voluntary and in no way can you be made to do this. The company is looking for a team of forty five volunteers to take the minutes at CDIs.

The company want to reap the benefits of the Admin Grade Review which they dumped because they didn't want to financially reward staff for going above and beyond their role. Some people are being told by their Centurions that they have to take part in this fiasco, you

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