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Includes staff from the various departments of Transport for London, plus London Underground managers.

Transport for London, TfL no.1 branch

Transfer Of Operational Resourcing From TfL To Tube

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We note the correspondence from the company on this matter. We instruct the General Secretary to obtain a report from our lead officer as to the potential impact on our members: both any who may work in this department, and those across TfL and LUL who are affected by the work of this department.

London Transport Regional Council and branches to be advised.

RMT Push For Increased Representation At TfL


We note the correspondence from Transport for London and that talks on thismatter are ongoing. We instruct the General Secretary to ensure that RMT continues to press for increased representation in this company, and to place reports and developments in front of us.

Further, an article on RMT's efforts to secure increase representation is to be included in our TfL members' newsletter.

RMT Organise To Fight Issues On Pay, Conditions and Jobs At TfL


We note the report from our lead officer, and welcome the renewed efforts for RMT organising on Transport for London, so that we may more effectively fight on issues such as pay, conditions and jobs.

We welcome the monthly meetings to be held with our representatives, and instruct the General Secretary to place a report of the 1 October meeting in front of us.

Urgent Meeting Called For Over Ominous TfL Comments On Changes In Financial Operation


We note the correspondence from Transport for London regarding pay. We note that the company is insisting that the 0.5% above-inflation element is depending on the implementation of its proposal for performance-related pay. We reaffirm our opposition to this.

We further note the ominous comments in the letter regarding the “step change in TfL’s financial and operational environment”, indicating that the government’s savage funding cut to TfL will be passed on to our members – and service users – in the form of cuts and attacks on pay and conditions.

RMT Campaign Of Action To Halt Transport Cuts

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RMT announces campaign of action to halt 12.5% London Transport cuts

TRANSPORT UNION RMT announced today that it will be mobilising a co-ordinated campaign, up to and including the use of industrial action, to halt massive cuts set to devastate transport services across the capital, smuggled through under the cloak of the Government’s spending review back in June.

RMT Prepares To Resist Devastating ConDem Cut Of 12.5% To TfL


We note the resolution from our Bakerloo line branch and share its view that the 12.5% funding cut to Transport for London will be devastating. This union is determined to resist this cut and its negative impact on our members, the travelling public, and London's communities. We will pursue this battle with all means at our disposal, up to and including co-ordinated industrial action.

RMT Pushes For Museum Job Cuts To Be Wihdrawn

London Transport Museum

We note the information on file regarding Mayor’s questions and the Early Day Motion on this issue.

We instruct the General Secretary to publish links to these on the union’s website, to email members asking them to encourage their MPs to sign the EDM, and in particular to ask those members of our Parliamentary group who have not yet signed the EDM to do so. We further instruct the General Secretary to ensure that cuts to the LT Museum are highlighted in our campaigning against the 12.5% funding cut to Transport for London.

RMT Insists TfL Pay Rise Must Be Paid To All


We note that RMT did not endorse the two-year pay deal accepted by the other trade unions.

We further note the inadequacies of this deal, in particular the non-payment of the 0.5% above-RPI element of the 2012 rise to some grades, and the condition attached to the 0.5% above-inflation element of the 2013 rise that the unions must accept a new performance related pay policy.

We further note that Transport for London cancelled a planned meeting to discuss the new PRP policy.

Transport for London Cuts Protest at Greater London Assembly

17/07/2013 10:30
17/07/2013 13:00

From RMT General Secretary Bob Crow

Dear Colleagues,

Transport for London cuts –

Protest at Greater London Assembly at 9am on Wednesday 17 July
Transport for London is planning hundreds of job losses and extensive changes to contracts affecting workers on the Tube and on London Overground.

The details are currently unclear but as we know, TfL have already announced their intention to introduce Driver Only Operation throughout the whole LOROL network. Cuts are unacceptable, and we are pressing for TfL to halt its plans and to engage with us now.

TfL Long Service Awards

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From General Secretary Bob Crow

Further to my previous circular dated 30th April 2013 (IR/255/13), branches will recall that I wrote to TfL expressing concerns over the lack of consultation over this policy change. The above matter has now been considered by the General Grades Committee and the following decision has been taken:-

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