Includes staff from the various departments of Transport for London, plus London Underground managers.

Transport for London, TfL no.1 branch

MATS Newsletter - Every Job Matters


Admin Update
After the ACAS talks we told management to end their workshops with Admin if they wanted the consultation to continue as this undermined the talks and was denying Admin proper consultation with the involvement of their unions, management agreed and the workshops ended.

Picket Locations - Every Job Matters Dispute & TFL Dispute


RMT member,

Every job matters - Building for the dispute

Picket lines will be from 2100 on Feb 4 to cover night book- ons in depots and on stations etc. Contact Branch secretary’s for full details.

All the following picket lines will start from approximately 0445 right through until 2300 on Wednesday Feb 5 and from 0445-2059 on Feb 6.

LUL Engineering & Fleet have slightly different plans, please contact Branch Secs. directly.

TfL also will picket their locations slightly later. Please contact Branch sec for full details.

Pay For Performance – Defend Your Pensionable Pay – Transport For London



Further to my previous correspondence, I would again like to congratulate you for supporting your union’s call for strike action and action short of a strike in defence of your pension. Your Executive has carefully considered the strong wish of you and your colleagues to carry out industrial action in order to oppose these plans and those expressed by your representatives to fight TfL’s plans. I can now advise you that your General Grades Committee has decided to amend some of the industrial action.

Not Fit For The Future - What Pay For Performance?

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On Wednesday TfL held a special meeting of the Company Council where they presented further information on their plans to freeze staff pay and slash the value of their pensions.

Why Duty Managers And Admin Staff Should Vote YES for Industrial Action against Cuts

Attached is a leaflet for London Underground Duty Managers and Admin Staff urging them to vote YES in RMT's industrial action ballot, 'Every Job Matters'.

Please distribute. If you would like copies sent to you, please email our Regional Organiser John Leach.

TfL Ambassador Industrial Action Reminder

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We note the circular from LUL management seeking volunteers to work as ‘TfL Ambassadors’, previously known as ICSAs. We continue to have serious concerns about how TfL and LUL attempt to deploy these staff, in ways which breach the settlement of our 2008 Casualisation dispute and undermine safe operating practices and the jobs of station staff.

We therefore instruct the General Secretary to remind London Underground members of our ongoing industrial action short of strikes on this matter, contained in our decision Gww 19 July 2012 and amended by our decision Gww 15 August 2012.

RMT Shocked At Increased Redundancy Plan For TfL


We note the report from our Regional Organiser and share his alarm at the increase in the number of projected redundancies and the spread of possible redundancies to clerical grades.

We note that our Regional Organiser has requested feedback from our branch and representatives and instruct the General Secretary to place this in front of us when received.

We also instruct the General Secretary to ensure that our TfL membership details are kept as up-to-date and accurate as possible.

London Transport Regional Council and branches to be advised.

Blog: The Wage Gap

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The Evening Standard ran an article today on the top earners at London Underground. Managing Director Mike Brown it states earned £476,00. TfL Commissioner Peter Hendy meanwhile earned £652,000 - 33 times that of one of TfL's lowest wage earners on £20k. If you take into account contracted workers, at the bottom of the wage pile such as cleaners and canteen staff, that difference in wage grows even further.

TFL Cuts Campaign – Summary of Campaigning Actions to Date

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  • A meeting has taken place at GS level with ASLEF, TSSA, Unite and the TUC where agreement was reached to hold a joint campaign against the cuts.
  • It was agreed that the joint campaign would be facilitated through the existing joint rail union Action for Rail Campaign which is coordinated by the TUC and South East TUC.
  • Other organisations have come on aboard to support the campaign including the National pensioners Convention, Disabled People against the Cuts and Transport for All.

TfL Announces Reorganisation Which RMT Believes Will Lead To Privatisation & Cuts


We note the correspondence from Transport for London dated 12 September 2013, and instruct the General Secretary to forward this to our TfL reps and our TfL no.1 branch and to post it on our website alongside this decision and our ‘What is Market Testing?’ briefing.

We reaffirm that RMT opposes market testing, a process which is used as a pretext either to privatise services or to make cuts to in-house services. In line with this, we note that TfL’s letter sets out that it is making plans to:

  • either reorganise or outsource Recruitment
  • reorganise Learning and Development
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