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LUL Trains

News, reports and information for London Underground train drivers

Branch Motion Expresses 'Total Support' For RMT Activist Mark Harding


RMT Paddington No.1 branch meeting this afternoon (Friday, 7 February 2014) was attended by 40 RMT members who carried the following resolution unanimously:

Fit For The Fightback: Trains Newsletter 3

fftf - trains 3.png

Attached is the third edition of 'Fit for the Fightback: Trains.' This newsletter is written by train drivers for train drivers as we prepare for the fightback against LUL's devastating plan to cut nearly a thousand jobs, close all ticket offices, cut pay and rip up conditions.

TOPRA - Train Operators Professional Agreement


Attached is TOPRA - Train Operators Professional Agreement, dated May 2013.

Fit For The Fightback: Trains Newsletter 2


The second edition of 'Fit for the Fightback: Trains' is here. This newsletter, is written by train driver activists and is specifically aimed at the grade. These wil lalso be sent out to train reps, but please feel feel to print them out nd distribute in your depot.

In this edition:

  • Pension threat
  • New strike times
  • Fit for the Future: Trains - secret LU meeting
  • TSSA Ballot
  • Re-deployment safety net affected by job cuts!
  • Scab army

Central Line 'Every Job Matters' Newsletter

central line news.png

What do London Underground's planned cuts mean to you?

How will the they affect the Central Line?

What are the RMT going to do to try and stop them?

Read the attached newsletter to find out. Please print and distribute in your Central Line workplace too.

Download here.

Every Job Matters Trains Action Report

drivers dispute action report 1.png

Attached is a newsletter for drivers regarding the upcoming industrial action over the devastating cuts plan. Please print and distribute

A special newsletter has been created for train operators about our current dispute, and why London Undergrounds devastating job cuts plan must be stopped.

Every Job Matters Strike Details

04/02/2014 12:00
06/02/2014 11:59

Tube Union RMT confirmed today that following a ballot of members across London Underground in a dispute over jobs, services and safety that recorded a massive vote for both strike action and action short of a strike members are instructed to take action as follows:

Strike Action

  • Members except drivers to cease work between 12.00 hours on 4th February until 11.59 hours on 6th February.
    • Driver members not to book on for any shifts between those hours.

Trains Managers Asked To Work As 'Incident Station Supervisors' With 4 Days Training

Stock Image.jpg

RMT Regional Organiser John Leach has written to London Underground Human Resources Boss Gerry Duffy in response to a trains operations staff manager asking subordinate managers whether they would be willing to work as 'Incident Station Supervisors' with just a 4 day training course. In Leach's letter to Duffy he explains that he is "extremely concerned with the Health & Safety implications" of this proposal as there is a "rigorous training programme for Station Supervisors."

The request for volunteers asked:

Comrade! Resist LULs Proposals



Alongside every grade on the tube LU train drivers will shortly be receiving ballot papers for strike action and action short in defence of our jobs on the tube.

LU’s plans to slash staffing on stations will effect every grade in every function and will impact directly on drivers ability to do our job safely and professionally.

RMT up front issue 28 - Drivers vote YES to defend London's Underground

Upfront December2013

Download the latest issue of RMT up front the newsletter for drivers on London Underground. This issue highlights LU's threats to our job, our culture of safety and our ability to provide a public service for London.

Main stories follow:

London’s underground is under attack Drivers: vote YES to defend the job!

Most Londoners are shocked at the severity of LUL's proposed cuts. So much for Boris’ Johnson’s promises (when seeking election) to keep ticket offices open!

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