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News, reports and information for RMT members who work for UK Power Networks, formerly EDF Powerlink, in London Underground's power supply.

Power Services Members Entitled To Transfer To TFL Pension Fund


That we note the latest correspondence on file from the Regional Organiser confirming the assurances sought by the General Grades Committee.

With regards to pensions, it has been agreed that transferring in staff will be entitled to in turn transfer into the TfL Pension Fund bringing with them their contributions.

Any further developments to be placed in front of the GGC.

London Transport Regional Council and Branches to be advised.

RMT Welcomes Return of 'Power Services' to LUL Following PFI Contract Termination

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We welcome the imminent return of Power Services to London Underground following the termination of the Private Finance Initiative contract. We reaffirm our view that all contracted-out sections of London Underground should similarly be brought back in-house.

We instruct the General Secretary to obtain a report from the lead officer on the completion of this transfer, confirming that our members’ rights and conditions have been protected and itemising any outstanding issues.

Meeting Held As Power Services Return To LUL

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We note the correspondence from LUL and the other material on file. We instruct the General Secretary to place a report of this meeting in front of us a report on the meeting that took place on 28 February, with recommendations for the way forward on this matter, and to ensure that our previous decisions are carried out.

London Transport Regional Council and branches to be advised.

Executive Report To London Transport Regional Council September 2012

From London Transport Region's Executive Member Janine Booth

The agreed spheres of influence are attached on a separate sheet.

Council of Executives decision, 4 September:

We note the report from our Regional Organiser regarding spheres of influence of branches within London Transport region. We endorse the report and instruct the General Secretary to ensure its implementation.

RMT Welcomes Return Of Power Services To London Underground

From General Secretary Bob Crow

I write to advise branches that the contract between UKPN Services Powerlink and London Underground will be terminated on 16th August 2013. This matter has now been considered by the General Grades Committee and has made the following decision:-

Uk Powerlink Members Gain £900 Olympic Bonus

We note the report from our Regional Organiser, outlining the proposal for Powerlink (formerly EDF), summarised as follows:

  • seeking an unlimited number of volunteers for duties
  • slightly changing shift patterns
  • volunteers for restricted leave during the Olympics period
  • a bonus of £900.

Our Regional Organiser reports that our local representatives and members welcome this offer.

Olympic Deals At TfL

Click read more for an overview of all completed and on going Olympic offers at TfL.

RMT Accepts Christmas / New Year Arrangements, Powerlink

RMT General Grades Committee decision:

That we note the report from our Lead Officer which confirms that the Powerlink Reps and Branch are happy to accept the proposals

Relevant Branch and London Transport Regional Council to be informed

RMT Accepts UK Power Networks Services Pay Offer

RMT General Grades Committee decision:

That we note the referendum result is as follows:-

Total votes cast: 31
Number voting “Yes”: 19
Number voting “No”: 12
Spoilt Papers: 0

We also note that Unite has already accepted this pay offer.

We instruct the General Secretary to advise the company of our acceptance.

London Transport Regional Council and LU Engineering branch to be advised.

Christmas and New Year Arrangements

RMT General Grades Committee decision:

That we note the correspondence from UK Power Networks Services outlining arrangements for Christmas and New Year cover.

We instruct the General Secretary to forward this letter to our representatives and LU Engineering branch requesting their comments. Replies to be placed in front of us.

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